Installed composite panel in Theydon Bois, Essex for pool and spa filtration dosing and UV, cover, counterswim and features

Aqualias’ engineers have been providing bespoke control panels and control solutions for over 20 years. These have been installed for most of the major pool companies as well of course on our own projects. These start at relatively basic for outdoor pools, building in sophistication to deal with spas (jacuzzi’s and hot tubs), steam rooms, counter swim devices and features.

More basic panel providing remote control to a central control system

Each of our control panels is built specifically for your project and will integrate a number of standard features with the special needs of your pool. We produce a detailed numbered wiring diagram to ease panel build and installation and leave a copy on site for ease of trouble shooting in later dates. Our archive here has every panel going back 30 years!

All control panels feature clear engraved labels describing the function of all switches, lamps and controllers.

Superior custom built control panels
Installed panel in Debenham, Suffolk, controlling pool and spa filtration, dosing UV, heating and ventilation and balance tank control

As you would expect each of our control panels complies with the statutory requirements in terms of design, construction electrical over current and earth protection.

It does this in a commercial standard stove enamelled metal cabinet featuring door locks and a switch interlocked door handle so that access can only occur after the control panels are turned off.

Be warned that plastic control panels that have a power distribution funtion no longer comply with regulations unless housed in an outer steel cabinet

Low voltage pool room interfaces with our control panels

Remote low voltage switching for pool room safety
Bespoke low voltage touch sensitive indicating switches

Our control panels feature low voltage controls and switches for pool room operation, such as under water lights, spa features and special feature pumps etc.

Our panels also connect related devices so that when the pool cover is on the pool then the air temperature reduces and the pool lights automatically turn off.

The interface between systems is also very important which is why our systems never rely on boilers and pumps running continuously as many lesser systems will. This poor designing can lead to premature failure of equipment as well as higher running costs.

The colour touch screen menus used in our air handling systems

We can also offer plc based colour touch screen controls and a number of features not found elsewhere. Our digital read out 4 stage level controls for balance tanks are believed to be unique in the industry as is our sequencing relay to allow you to scroll through the speed settings on variable speed pumps simply by multiple presses on one of our led lit piezo touch sensitive buttons.

These controls are also used on the Mistral Air Handling system

The Aqualia Pilot

Aqualia Pilot
EPS Pilot
EPC 100
EPC 200
EPC 2000
EPC 3000
Variheat controls

Aqualia’s engineers have for the last 20 years been supplying a number of special panels for the use of the indoor pool trade. An important member of this select group has been the Pilot. The Pilot is a multifunction control panel that controls some of the more basic dehumidifiers on the market. It boasts not one but three digital controllers and these are calibrated to provide close control of

  • Pool water temperature
  • Pool air temperature, both occupied and unoccupied.
  • Pool air relative humidity

The Pilot will control motorised valves for both pool air and pool water heating and will also start the compressor on refrigeration based dehumidifiers. The controls also have alarm levels so that a high humidity level can be used to start a heat recovery ventilator unit

The Pilot panel came into existence with the demise of some old industry favourites. Wind back the clock between 20 and 30 years and the pool trade were devoted to the Sensair and Certikin Indoor Pool Controllers. These were titled the SP100, SP200 SP 1000 and SP2000. When these units were taken out of production the Pilot was born and it is an easy fit replacement for all of these former favourites

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