Aqualia are generally engaged to provide the best design and consultancy advice in respect of all the equipment that they sell. That doesn’t mean that we cannot provide competetive prices on a sale only basis. Take a look at some of the equipment we have on offer and see if it fits the bill for your project. If you are not sure then take advantage of our unrivalled advice from providing the detailed engineering of over 1400 schemes in the last 30 years, (and putting right a lot of others!)

If you need a bit more information on what the Delta can do then why not call for a chat. Aqualia’s engineers have almost certainly installed more than any other company can claim. There is also some more information on the Calorex units here and our facebook site has regular updates on machine installations and quirky service updates

Previously owned Calorex Delta and equipment for Sale

We have an excellent condition Calorex Delta 4 for sale. This unit was serviced by Aqualia at least 2 times a year with no expense spared on repairs. To be fair it didn’t need many.

It ran for around 5 years and was very carefully removed in the middle of 2019 when it was stored for a project that has been postponed. It was only removed due to the pool being closed due to redevelopment and a new pool being built elsewhere.

As can be seen from the machine label it operates using refrigerant R407 so has a far longer life than machines fitted with R22. It is however a 3 phase machine which will not suit some premises but will be a distinct advantage to 3 phase properties that are trying to keep their phase loads balanced.

The unit is designed to move 3000m³/hr of recirculated air and 1500m³/hr of extract air (balanced with fresh air induction through negative room pressure).

If you need more information on the capabilities of this unit then please drop us an email.

The unit ran with our high efficiency V pleat filters and this is evident from the cleanliness internally

Depending upon your intended pool and air conditions this unit will be suited to an indoor pool of between 50m² and 75m².

There is no published “list” price for these machines but a new one is unlikely to be available for less that around £20,000-£21,000

The cost would be £9500 including shipping to a UK location

We would be happy to assess your installation and assist with design and installation of all aspects of the plant.

Calorex Delta for sale
Calorex Delta 4 3 phase

We also have in stock a control panel for this system which includes the control of a pair of 2 hp filter pumps, UV and automatic chemical dosing for the pool water and the boiler plant.

More details, photographs and costs can be provided on application.