The Calorex Delta unit, despite now being part of the Dantherm range, has a rich history of being one of the “staples” of the indoor pool environmental control industry for almost 20 years.

Developed during Calorex’s experience of in excess of 50 years of the needs of indoor pools this unit was intended to be an all in one solution offering as it does.

  • Pool air circulation
  • Pool air heating
  • Pool air dehumidification (humidity reduction)
  • Stale air exhaust
  • Fresh air introduction
  • Recirculation air filtering
  • Fresh air filtering
  • Pool water heating
  • Heat recovery to pool air
  • Heat recovery to pool water

All these functions are undertaken on the latest generation of machines controlled by a sophisticated control programme embedded into a colour touch screen controller that if required can be linked to the buildings network and interfaced with your smartphone.

The provision of these improved controls has meant that the latest generation of variable speed EC motored fans can be controlled to provide even greater economies and the fan speeds can be varied to suit the prevailing loads and conditions. A fan running at half speed will reduce its power consumption by well over 80% !

Calorex Delta Machine Range

The machine range comprises the following sizes and specifications:-

  • Calorex Delta 1 2,500m³/hr No longer available new 🙁
  • Calorex Delta 2 2,600m³/hr
  • Calorex Delta 4 3,000m³/hr
  • Calorex Delta 6 4,000m³/hr
  • Calorex Delta 8 5,000m³/hr
  • Calorex Delta 10 6,000m³/hr
  • Calorex Delta 12 7,000m³/hr
  • Calorex Delta 14 10,000m³/hr
  • Calorex Delta 16 12,000m³/hr

The fresh air / exhaust air quantity capability of the above machines is generally 50% of the recirculation rate. Both the recirculation rate and fresh air are fully variable and set on commissioning to provide the optimum performance and energy saving.

Selection Data

The application of these units is very much dependent upon the conditions being maintained in the room and the nature of the pool being conditioned, and we would need to know the following information:-

  • Pool size, and in particular surface area. This information would also need to advise on any over flow channels or features.
  • Pool room details such as air volume, surface areas of glass and roof etc.
  • Required water temperature (typically 27-31°c)
  • Whether an air temperature 1°C above water temperature is acceptable. If not then a larger Delta may be required
  • Hour of pool cover use
  • Whether domestic, club, municipal use
  • Expected hours of use and number of daily bathers
  • Heat source available (boiler/heat pump) for the back up heating of air and water.

Typical Pool Sizes

The above selection criteria in typical applications would lead to a Delta 2 being selected for a 50m² pool, a Delta 12 being selected for a 140m² pool and a Delta 16 pool being in excess of 300m². Be aware that unusual conditions will significantly alter these guidelines.

Calorex Delta prices

Aqualia are not seeking to be the cheapest source of these machines on the internet. What we are looking to do is provide an unrivalled package of equipment and installation knowledge and experience. We will challenge anyone to question that statement. Whether that is just a design package, installation guidance or a full installation you can of course choose.

Our advice extends to the building into which the pool will be placed with unrivalled experience gathered over in excess of 30 years of building design and observation of simple errors that have rendered buildings unsuitable for indoor pools!

So how can we offer a design service to assist you with the selection and installation details? Our design team includes highly qualified Building Services Mechanical and Electrical Engineers that have devoted themselves to the indoor pool environment for over 30 years, back by PI insurance.

Our design and supply packages come in various shapes and sizes and the following is our entry level for building assessment, machine recommendation and basic duct design. Our design only packages for domestic indoor pools can be particularly comprehensive and can range from £1500 to £8,000 for more sophisticated domestic complexes.

Calorex Delta
Calorex Delta 4 Conventional handing

These prices were updated in February 2023

  • Calorex Delta 2 £19,465
  • Calorex Delta 4 £22,221
  • Calorex Delta 6 £24,218
  • Calorex Delta 8 £26,043
  • Calorex Delta 10 £30,257
  • Calorex Delta 12 £34,300
  • Calorex Delta 14 £45,342
  • Calorex Delta 16 £55,063

Delivery costs and options quoted on request including HiAb deliveries which may allow lifting into position without the need for other cranes etc.

For projects with lower temperature heating water the Calorex range are available with uprated heating coils. This allows an output similar to standard machines connected to conventional boiler supplies.

Be aware that the Calorex Delta includes control and interface sophistications that few installers take full use of. This includes :-

  • Boiler start and stop signals. Boilers should not be run constantly.
  • Filtration system start signals to make the best use of heat recovery.
  • Set back signals to swap between pool in use and pool idle modes.

For this reason getting a controls system designed to suit will offer long term running cost savings and an improved level of comfort. Our control systems are custom built for each job and have always featured steel cabinets that are now required under current building and fire regulations.
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