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Aqualia Pools are happy to discuss your pool requirements and give you an insight into the elements that will turn your pool from a money sapping nightmare to a reliable and economical leisure haven.

Whether outdoor or indoor we can run through what you are expecting, what you want from the pool and whether you should just buy a season ticket at the local leisure centre!

Indoor pools not only represent the most expensive pool option but they can also provide the greatest headaches so make sure you get it right!

We have worked with some great architects and design teams over the years but their undoubted experience with a multitude of building designs counts for little if they have minimal experience of the indoor pool environment. We are delighted to work as part of these teams and interact with these experts with a few insights and anecdotes from our decades in the business.

The pool environment is very unforgiving, especially in the colder months we are familiar with. Any cold surface, any breach in the vapour control layer, any issue with pool room pressurisation. All these can create the problems that indoor pools have a reputation for.

But that should really be a thing of the past. Many experienced engineers and designers have offered their guidance over the past 30 years, including our tech guy John Scott who founded Aqualia Pools. Numerous seminars at ISPE, SPATA, SPATEX have provided the insight to what keeps these pool rooms in “as new” condition as well as keeping them healthier and more pleasant places to be.

Not all problems are as a result of poor building detailing and if the water treatment system is at fault then high chemical levels can accelerate building deterioration.

Pool covers are the number 1 element for reducing the running cost of an indoor pool and helping keep the conditions in the room under control. A floating pool cover will reduce the evaporation from the pool to a tiny percentage of the normal uncovered losses. That means that the dehumidification system can wind down (where variable speed fans are fitted) and not only reduce running costs but also the wear and tear on all the equipment reducing the need for replacement parts over the long life of the pool.

A pool cover also allows the air temperature to be reduced in the room. It is fairly well known that the majority of indoor pool systems operate with the air temperature slightly warmer than the pool water. This helps with the comfort of the wet bather strolling around the pool and also helps reduce the evaporation from the pool. Well when a floating pool cover is used the air temperature can be “set back” to a lower level, again saving energy and making the room more comfortable if you just want to chill out and read the paper.

A floating pool cover is generally considered more attractive than a vinyl sheet safety cover. It is all down to personal preference of course but the majority appear to feel this way. However they do need care in terms of water quality management and occasional cleaning. Hard water is what we are talking about here and a slatted cover can look pretty untidy with a few years of uncontrolled hardness deposits on the surface.

Vinyl covers are probably more popular on outdoor pools where the sealing is far more effective and the ability to keep out debris and pets makes them the logical choice for many. On outdoor pools making sure rainwater is drained from the surface becomes an extra consideration but a small price to pay for the added security and reduced water polution.

Of course the “ultimate” cover is a moving floor. More can be found on this specialist subject here.

So whatever you are planning for your home leisure centre, give us a call and see if we can help.