Servicing and refurbishment have always been a major part of Aqualia’s work which is understandable when you appreciate how focussed we are on reducing the running costs for our pool owning customers. We like to keep existing systems running at their prime and when a change makes cost effective sense then we can assist here too.

For routine servicing we are happy to cover all of Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Kent, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Sussex and Surrey. For refurbishment we find we are very competetive in a far wider radius than the counties local to our base.

We are very active in the Calorex servicing field and checking out our facebook page often provides the most up to date news↓

Having designed and/or installed over 1000 Calorex indoor pool units we are pretty familiar with the systems and their day to day service needs.

Typical domestic service packages would include two visit per year to change air filters and belts (where fitted) and check on all the internal components and instruments and controls. Mechanical and electrical checks as well as leaks are fully undertaken and a check list for possible future issues give an early warning of possible expense to come.

Motorised valves, flow switches, heat exchangers, fans and digital controls are the items kept in stock as a result of our experience of day to day servicing needs of the units.

For commercial systems the much greater use may well require visits as often as 4 times a year but this can be discussed after the first visit to assess the required frequency based on the witnessed loads.

There are thousands of dehumidifier and ventilation systems that would benefit from a complete re-think, introducing heat exchangers, heat pumps and improved controls to significantly reduce running costs.

Aqualia use their “total system” knowledge to be able to offer to replace entire plant installations, normally revolving around the largest piece of kit, the air handling system. Where component replacement is no longer viable, due to ongoing failures or the fact that latest technology offers a payback Aqualia will work with you to assess the budget and keep to it.

Assessment of existing systems. Servicing, refurbishment or replacement?

Repair, upgrade, refurbishment, dehumidifier, recuperator
An elderly recuperator heat exhanger unit with belt driven fans and controls that lost the will to function years ago. Not daunted by the basement location and tortuous route through the active pool room Aqualia changed this in just over a week. See the new unit below↓

Aqualia’s servicing includes a large range of indoor pools systems and some units we installed almost 30 years ago are working well with few major component changes. We recently attended a machine that is still running on the original fan after 35 years service.

Some are less fortunate and due to a combination of factors perhaps 10 years has passed and a replacement is required. In our experience the shorter life span could have been prevented with better and more regular servicing and often attending to water quality issues that have contributed to the poor room air conditions.

Calorex systems normally have a good flow of fresh air, as well as the recirculated air but poor maintenace and servicing can lead to blocked air filters and no air flow if belts are broken and the resultant build up in humidity and chloramines (by products of disinfection) will significantly reduce the plant life and often the building life too!

We have a very large customer base for the regular servicing of Calorex Delta and Variheat machines and, keeping a healthy stock of spares for these machines, can normally react quickly to emergency call outs too. That includes air filters, belts, digital instruments and sensors and various fans and switches.

With a detailed knowledge of the Calorex range construction and servicing our replacement works on the units would often include an upgrade to the latest energy efficient version of parts such as fans and controls upgrades which allows fan operation to be intermittent such as when floating pool covers are in place and the room air temperature and humidity are acceptable.

We are happy to assess for repairs or replacement, either a “like for like” swap out using the latest product or a custom built system and can provide various assessments to discuss costs and pay back periods.

We can also quote for a computer controlled recuperator from our Mistral range if no standard package is suitable:-

New for old replacement and upgrades with the Aqualia Mistral

Replacement recuperator Aqualia Mistral, North London
A custom built air handling solution with ultra high efficiency recuperator and EC motor driven plug fans with variable speed drives matching room requirements. The unit has space for a cooling coil in the future if it proves necessary.

Calorex Delta servicing, replacement and refurbishment

Aqualia provide this service to small domestic pools, using the Vaporex, Variheat and Delta ranges as well as the larger commercial “strip-outs” shown above. With our knowledge of boilers, controls, filtration and dosing we can also assist with these works as a package if you prefer.

Elderly Calorex Delta ready to be removed from site
After over 15 years service at a busy swim school in Rayleigh, the customer chooses the latest version of the Calorex Delta which Aqualia swap over in well under a week.
servicing of Calorex units is an Aqualia speciality
Part way through the installation, the new unit is threaded through the plant room equipment and wired and plumbed into existing supplies

Pool refurbishment for indoor or outdoor pools

Whilst much of our refurbishment business is in the complex field of the the mechanics and electrics Aqualia also offer retiling and retrofitting of items such as counter current and pool covers.

Take a look at the upgrade to this Burnham on Crouch pool after a flood had made irrepairable damage to the flooring. Whilst on site we re-grouted the pool tank and changed the lights to high efficiency LED